Clonazepam Addiction Symptoms

Clonazepam Addiction Symptoms

Every person addicted to clonazepam eventually develops most or all of the clonazepam addiction symptoms.

The clonazepam addiction symptoms are the body’s way of expressing the damage that the continued use or abuse of clonazepam is causing to it. The addicts may develop physical symptoms such as constant drowsiness and dizziness. In such cases, the addicts appear totally unable to stay awake for any length of time and are always sleepy. The dizziness comes in bouts of varying intensity, but all of which are entirely unpredictable.

Another physical clonazepam addiction symptom is mental confusion. Long-term consumption of clonazepam ends up damaging the addicts’ brains permanently and irreversibly. This damage is what becomes manifest in the state of mental confusion that sets on the addicts. They become very indecisive on all matters. The brain damage may also cause impaired co-ordination and balance and in many cases, there are also impaired motor functions.

The addicts may also experience hangover like effects that include nausea and migraines. The reason for this is partly because clonazepam abuse causes effects in the patients that are similar to the effects that are caused by the consumption of alcohol. However, since clonazepam has a much longer life span than alcohol (between 18-50 hours), it stays in the body for much longer and these hangover-like side effects take more time before they fade.

Clonazepam Addiction Symptoms

The users of clonazepam, when they get addicted, may also begin to experience clonazepam addiction symptoms in their behavior. Subtle changes that can be picked out by a keen eye start to take place in how the addicted individuals behave. For instance, they begin to consume more than the prescribed dosage of the drug. They are always trying to take in more and more of the drug each time.

Clonazepam users all eventually develop increased tolerance to the drug and this is why the addicts find that they have to take in increasing amounts of the clonazepam if they are to achieve the same effect as before. Also associated with this increased tolerance is the behavior of the addict to begin consuming the drug at intervals that are much shorter than is prescribed. This serves as another clonazepam addiction symptom.

The addicts may also start to try getting multiple prescriptions of clonazepam by visiting several different doctors. This is because clonazepam is a prescription drug and can only be purchased from a drug store if the buyer has a written prescription from a qualified physician. In situations where the addicts are not able to procure the prescriptions, they have been known to try to forge their own prescriptions.

This is a clear sign that the user is addicted as it shows that he or she has become obsessive in his or her consumption and at this point is ready to do nearly anything in order to get the drug. When the addict cannot obtain the drug due to financial strains, he or she may start stealing money from both relatives and friends alike in order to buy the drug.

Clonazepam addiction symptoms set in immediately whenever the addict has suddenly stopped consuming the drug therefore the addict should seek help 1-800-303-2482 immediately.

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