Clonazepam Addiction Side Effects

Clonazepam Addiction Side Effects

Side Effects of Clonazepam Addiction

Some of these are very common and they can be observed on any patient who is addicted to the drug. Long term use of Clonazepam has been observed to cause excess flatulence, euphoria and drowsiness. Another side effect of Clonazepam that has been observed even on people who have been treated with the drug normally is interference of the motor performance and cognitive abilities. If Clonazepam is taken with alcohol, it can cause death.

Other side effects of Clonazepam Addiction that have been reported by caregivers include Anterograde amnesia, memory loss, hallucinations, loss of libido, aggression, psychomotor agitation, irritability and lack of motivation. A patient who has Clonazepam addiction may also exhibit impaired coordination and balance.

Some patients who are diagnosed with clonazepam addiction have reported feeling irritable, sluggish and drowsiness especially while waking up after taking the drug before sleep. These feelings may be coupled with a severe headache. Pharmacists attribute this to the Clonazepam long half-life whose side effects continue to be felt by the user.

Clonazepam Addiction Side Effects

Occasional side effects which occur from time to time and are associated with Clonazepam addiction that have also been observed include; ataxia, general confusion, behavioral changes, personality changes, increased seizures, thrombocytopenia, and serious dysphoria. Patients suffering from Clonazepam addiction also exhibit serious psychiatric and psychological side effects especially depression.

Clonazepam is known to exacerbate depression which may result in suicide if it is not checked early. Older people who are particularly susceptible to Clonazepam addiction due to their frequent need for pain medication have behavioral dis-inhibition which is recognized through inability to handle machinery and frequent emotional changes that oscillate between rage and excitement. Older people may also get serious seizures and impulsivity.

Rare side effects of Clonazepam addiction that have been reported by healthcare practitioners who have dealt with patients addicted to the drug are liver damage, incontinence, psychosis, impulsivity and worsening seizures.

When a person who is suffering from Clonazepam addiction decides to stop using the drug, withdrawal-related side effects may set in. These side effects manifest themselves through panic attacks, insomnia, irritability, anxiety and tremors. Psychological side effects of clonazepam addiction will also set in making the patient to feel depressed. These side effects can continue even 7 months after stopping to use the drug. You should note that, any use of alcohol or any other central nervous suppressant can intensify these side effects.

Sudden withdrawal from Clonazepam use can cause death. Psychosis and withdrawal seizures may occur in serious cases while insomnia and anxiety may be observed in normal cases of Clonazepam withdrawal. Reducing the use of the drug in a gradual manner can reduce the effects of Clonazepam withdrawal. Increasing Clonazepam dosage at once can manage the side effects of the drugs tolerance but there is a risk of high dosage Clonazepam tolerance.

Abrupt withdrawal from clonazepam can also cause Clonazepam withdrawal symptoms leading to side effects like psychosis which manifests in dysphonic behavior like hallucinations, anxiety, aggressiveness and irritability. One of the life threatening side effects of Clonazepam withdrawal is epilepticus.

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